Head of UX/UI

Job description

About position:

This is a great opportunity for a highly motivated person interested in taking a leadership role delivering innovative and intuitive web applications through management of a design team.

As a Head of UX/UI, you will be responsible for managing a team of talented designers and researchers who provide the “a to z” of research, design, and execution across a portfolio of financial products with direct access to end users.


  • To run a team of UI/UX designers, prioritize and distribute tasks with regular follow-up. To secure stable result delivery.
  • To support product design cycle for web and mobile applications (prototyping, design, logic, scripts, interface, styling and guidelines).
  • To maintain a library of components & styles and to keep always up-to-date.
  • To develop and maintain a System of UI components for App.
  • To secure design-controls and interact with developers.
  • To improve user experience based on user feedback, analytics data, and business priorities.

Job requirements


  • English language - Upper Intermediate level
  • Portfolio with real projects (real AND currently available in public).
  • Proven experience in managing a team of UI/UX designers for at least two years:
  • ability to prioritize incoming tasks;
  • set tasks for design team;
  • monitor progress.
  • Proven experience in UI/UX design of e-commerce and/or banking/fintech products for mobile and web versions for at least 3 years.
  • Experience in creating and maintaining design systems (confirmation required).
  • Understanding of the principles of building user experience, user-friendly interfaces and scenarios of their use.
  • Experience of Customer feedback processing.
  • Ability to work in a App production process: interacting with developers, analysts, product managers, business owners.
  • Knowledge of iOS, Android guidelines.
  • Knowledge of Figma, Marvel/Adobe XD/Principle, Adobe After Effects, Jira + Confluence
  • Ability to develop interactive prototypes of low and high fidelity.
  • Ability to present and defend proposed solution in front of business owners, product team.
  • System thinking.