Decision Engine Manager

Job description

Job Summary

On a daily basis manages and ensures that the automated decision-making software is up and running. Monitors, tests and debugs all the processes/rules/checks/alerts that are related to the risk function and reports regarding incidents to the respective parties.


  • Managing the automated decision-making software by creating, updating and/or changing existing functions/code in the system as per requirements.
  • Thoroughly testing automated decision-making software and recommending updates or changes before release
  • Debugging automated decision-making software experiencing faults and glitches
  • Continuously monitor and make sure that all the risk processes/rules/check/alerts are working properly across all the functions
  • Identifies opportunities and develops recommendations for the improvement of the technical risk processes
  • Keeping up-to-date on new developments and advances in coding and software development

Job requirements


  • English language knowledge
  • Minimum 3+ years of experience in e-commerce, payments or financial services related to quality assurance and/or programming field
  • Experience with the automated decision-making software with all types of buy-now-pay-later or consumer lending products is highly desired
  • Experience of working with programming languages (e.g., SQL, Java, JavaScript etc.)
  • Degree in Mathematics, Computer Science, Information Technology or a related field